Are Online Job Boards for You?

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That all depends on you as an individual.  It is easy to get signed up to any job board and to begin working even if you don’t have a reputation built up, but are they really worth the trouble of logging on each and every day to see if there is something worth your while.

I’ve cautioned before not to get stuck in the “sweat shop” online boards and trust me, they do exist and it is so easy to get stuck in there.  But, there are also job opportunities out there that real people are willing to pay for.  I’ve paid for services myself on sites such as Upwork, vWorker, and ODesk.  And I don’t pay peanuts to those who show me that they can do great work, I pay them what they are worth.

It’s free on most of them to sign up as a writer so if you aren’t sure if they are for you or not, sign up and take a look around.  See if there is something that floats your boat and if so, apply for it.  Give the price that you feel you deserve for the project and don’t shortchange yourself.

If you are asked to do an article that you know nothing about and will have to research, make sure to figure that amount into your bid.  If you don’t, you won’t end up making much money at all (and it will turn into an endless cycle of doing articles for absolutely nothing).

I’ve also done work on each of these job boards and have made good money on the projects I’ve worked on.  When I first started I did things for a little cheaper than I normally would have just so I could get my rankings up there and I felt ok doing that because I could always cut that client loose when I found someone who would pay me what I was worth.

So, to answer that question honestly, it will depend on you and your needs.  There are other job boards that are available to you (I only named a few of them), and once you find the good ones you will begin to make more and more money.

If you do try it, let me know what your thoughts are on them and what kind of success you’ve had with them.  As a fellow writer, I want everyone to get a cut of the money that is out there to be made!

Enjoy the day!


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