Plan For Your Writing Success!

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If you have chosen to be a writer as your career it is important to know that without a plan you more than likely will not be a very successful writer.

Making your plan should include a few things:

• Set a weekly schedule for writing time
• Set short and long term goals for where you see your writing career going
• Make sure that everything you work on during your work week will help you meet all of your short and long term goals
• Write down those goals so that you always have them in your mind
• Take the actions necessary to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your business
• Be flexible because sometimes will get in the way of your writing; be able to adjust your schedule to help when that happens

If you try to follow these few things every single week, month and year you will see a difference in the money you will make in your freelance writing career.

Enjoy the day!


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